It’s time to reimagine your legal work

Meet  i.Lo

Next generation legal services

Why i.Lo?

i.Lo is designed to enhance your business efficiencies and provide a competitive advantage. 

It makes it easier to access legal advice, ensuring it is way faster and cheaper but still of the highest quality. You receive expert legal advice that is:

  • one question away
  • with no time restrictions
  • easier to understand
  • much more affordable.

Who is i.Lo?

i.Lo is a chatbot using natural language processing and machine learning techniques that allow you to find answers to most of your legal questions in specific practice areas. 

It allows you to cut costs and receive top legal services, one click away, 24/7.

i.Lo also provides a platform where you can find ready to use templates and useful resources.

How does it work?

i.Lo uses an advanced tech stack which includes Flutter, WordPress and NodeJS to offer a friendly and intuitive experience either on the website or, in its mobile app version, on Android and iOS platforms. 

The number of users and questions you can ask is unlimited. If i.Lo doesn’t know the answer yet, it will be added in maximum 48h.

Our Services


There are many opportunities for automation in the legal field. We design legal digital tools that help you increase efficiency, enhance productivity and reduce costs of routine legal services.

We work with you to understand your legal needs, identify and implement the right mix of technologies customized for your business, resulting in innovative, simplified and efficient business processes.

Discover how you can completely transform the way you approach your business’ legal work and how you can benefit from the advantages of digital innovation in the legal field. 

Let’s build your own digital legal infrastructure.


With 20+ years of expertise in the legal field and 10+ years in management positions, we deliver tailored solutions and provide effective results for our clients’ legal concerns in a practical and straight forward way We came to the belief that it is possible to deliver top corporate legal services and expert advice without the typical corporate stuffiness and at the best value for your money also in traditional practice areas.  We always look at problems with a 360° perspective and that’s why we have created a network of experienced and reputable lawyers and experts in key practice areas such as: dispute resolution, dispute prevention, commercial and insolvency, employment, public procurement, competition, public sector.

i.Lo Team



Expertise: legal tech, employment, dispute prevention and resolution

Experience: 15 years in the legal field, 6 years in Big4 management positions

Industries: oil & gas, aviation, pharma, retail, real estate




Expertise: legal tech, public procurement, dispute prevention and resolution

Experience: 20 years in the legal field, 10 years in Big4 management positions

Industries: defense & security, infrastructure, agriculture, medical, real estate




Expertise: public procurement, employment, dispute prevention and resolution

Experience: 12 years in the legal field, in a Big4 correspondent law firm and in multinationals

Industries: defense & security, aviation, pharma, retail, IT